Yeah, That’s How It Is Ep 37 38 Eng Sub

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OMG I love the grandpa even more. It cracks me up when people think old folks are stick in the muds, or when older people act like they didn’t do “stuff” back in their day. I love that the youngest son gets his romantic side from his grandparents.

I also love how this drama slips pertinent information in casual conversations. Now we know why the the grandma’s sister is so much younger than her. They have different mothers but the same father. And we also know it wasn’t just them, but that the other siblings died young. No wonder they are so protective of her. It’s not just because she a childless widow, she’s suffered a lot of loss in her life. I wish they would get her a bf before the show ends
I’m not sure, but either the timing is off on the subs or these aren’t the right subs. Either way, the subs aren’t working correctly. I’ll report it

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